Take Your Screenplay to the Next Level

Are you looking to take your screenplay to the next level? Often, writers can become stuck on how they can improve upon a script and what elements may improve it. There are many ways in which you can go about this. However, peer review is the best way to improve your writing, as it will get another individual’s opinion on your screenplay. They can provide feedback that you may have never recognized. Participating in competitions, networking events, and going through a checklist of components that make up the best screenplays are all additional ways to take your screenplay to the next level. 

How to Take Your Screenplay to the Next Level

Improving your screenplay can go many different ways. However, other screenwriters can offer the best advice on how you can take your screenplay to the next level. There are several ways in which you can receive peer feedback.

Reading to Become a Better Writer

Reading to become a better writer is a great way to find ideas to improve upon your screenplay. Learning from writers who have been successful in their field can be just as helpful as learning from writers who may be just starting. Joining the ScriptMother community is just one way of many to get your eyes on other writers’ scripts. 

Online Submissions

ScriptMother is an online screenwriting network populated by a community of writers looking to receive feedback on their work. One of the best ways to make your screenplay the best it can be and improve your writing skills is to have other writers peer-review your work. They can often catch errors and gaps that you may not have seen at first. You want your screenplay to be able to be read by just about anyone. Receiving feedback from multiple different writers is a way to achieve this. To upload your work in the ScriptMother community, you must review others’ work. This process will ensure that everyone is receiving feedback.  


There are many online competitions where screenwriters can submit their screenplays for review. At ScriptMother, we offer monthly screenwriting competitions. Through these, screenwriters can submit their screenplays. They can win a spot in our Script of the Month awards as they gain positive reviews on their scripts. Through this, winners can receive free professional script coverage, as well as publicity on our website, social media, and newsletter to our thousands of viewers. However, an essential part of these competitions is increasing the number of eyes on your screenplay. While receiving positive reviews will increase your chances of winning, any feedback can help improve your screenplay. 


Another way screenwriters can get additional exposure on their screenplays is by networking with other writers. This can allow you to see what other writers are doing and learn about new techniques that you may not know about. In addition, it is very valuable to have a wide variety of writers review your work and give feedback, as this will enable you to produce your best work. 

Finding a Literary Agent

A literary agent is responsible for managing sales, contracts, publication, production, and maintaining contracts for a writer. They are the middleman between a writer and a publisher. Literary agents have a great understanding of the industry and can aid you in getting your work in front of people and finding the best opportunities for your screenplays.

Tips for Your Screenplay

There are several ways to ensure your screenplay is the best it can be before having others read it. 

Humanize Your Words

Changing how your characters speak to sound more realistic and convey their personalities through their words will make your screenplay more believable. It is crucial to make your characters’ words as natural as possible to the audience and show your characters’ personalities. It is okay to break grammatical rules in certain situations to portray your characters successfully.

Maintain Your Voice

In a great screenplay, each character has their voice. In any work, the voice of whoever is speaking should be maintained throughout the piece. Stay true to your chosen voice and the voices of the characters to keep them genuine and unique. Each voice should be distinct from the other but should mesh well together to make the screenplay flow. 

Give Clear Stage and Scene Directions

When reading your screenplay, it should be clear what the characters are doing and where. These details will paint a complete picture of what you are trying to portray through your script. The person reviewing your work should not need a physical picture or video to tell what is going on in a particular scene. 

Take You Screenplay to the Next Level with ScriptMother

Taking your screenplay to the next level can be done in many different ways. From finding a literary agent to joining an online community of writers, there are many options for getting your script in front of more writers and improving upon your work. ScriptMother is an online community of writers looking to receive feedback on their work. Through our website, writers can comment on other writers’ work while learning how to improve upon their own. A member must leave feedback on another member’s piece to receive feedback. This process certifies that writers are engaging with others’ work. As you review more pieces from other members, you can receive credits to upload more of your work. Through ScriptMother, writers can also participate in competitions and win greater publicity for their work. 

Sign up for ScriptMother today, and begin your journey to becoming a better writer. 

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