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December Screenplay of the Month Winners

Nomineees for Next Month

Feature Film

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Television Series

A Rogue Story TV Series
Written By: Kristopher MacNeill
Genre: Sci-Fi/Fantasy,Thriller,Action/Adventure
I Regret to Inform You TV Series
Written By: Owen Marvin
Genre: Drama,Comedy,Romance
The edge of the World TV Series
Written By: Sergey Korotun
Genre: Crime,Sci-Fi/Fantasy

Short Film

Promise Short
Written By: Christopher Doran
Genre: Thriller,Horror,Mystery/Suspense
Lizard People Short
Written By: Christopher Doran
Genre: Comedy,Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Mad Talent Short
Written By: Cyle Brooks
Genre: Comedy,Horror

In the Running

The following scripts are currently eligible for January Screenplay of the Month:

Past Finalists

Title Written By Month
My Best Friend is a Toaster Feature Keith St. Lawrence November - 2020
Ruthers Short Meik V. Fischer November - 2020
Bread and Circuses TV Series Keith St. Lawrence November - 2020
Flash Flood Short D Ray Van October - 2020
Character Actor Feature Clay von Carlowitz October - 2020
The Hostel TV Series Kishan Chotalia October - 2020
Softcore Bishop TV Series Briant William September - 2020
We'll Be Safe Up There Feature Clay von Carlowitz September - 2020
Mad Talent Short Cyle Brooks September - 2020
Last One TV Series D Ray Van August - 2020
The Sleepover Short Kurtis Ratliff August - 2020
Ask Boppa Feature Andy Rice August - 2020
Have a Laugh (First Draft) Feature Cyle Brooks July - 2020
Plans are Fantasies: Episode 1 - "Pilot" TV Series Vineeth Premanand July - 2020
Reverse Psychology Short Michael Kospiah July - 2020
Honey Mustard Feature Michael Kospiah June - 2020
Plans are Fantasies: Episode 1 - "Pilot" TV Series Vineeth Premanand June - 2020
When The Bell Jangles Short Dan Harris June - 2020
Angels Can Die TV Series Kwesi Lewis May - 2020
Them Wretched Souls Feature Keith St. Lawrence May - 2020
Filthy Animal Short Michael Kospiah May - 2020
The Sacrifice Short Liam Treacy April - 2020
Mercy TV Series Anthony Richter April - 2020
The Illustrator Feature Barry A. A. Dillinger April - 2020
Malled to Death (Draft) (ACT I) TV Series Claire B March - 2020
The Sacrifice Short Liam Treacy March - 2020
Christmas Cards Feature D Scott Mangione March - 2020
Small Time Villains TV Series Michael Harris February - 2020
The Waiting Room Short David Weishaar February - 2020
Vengeance Wore Black Feature D Ray Van February - 2020
Lucky Beggars TV Series Marcin Klinkosz January - 2020
Varkazana Ascension Feature mike harper January - 2020
2econd Chance Short dragonspirit January - 2020
Ascension Feature jeff-lewis December - 2019
Wasted Life Short A J Lovell December - 2019
A Perfect One For Emma Short D Ray Van November - 2019
Alternative (Rough Draft) Feature Cyle Brooks November - 2019
Dream of Mirrors TV Series Marcin Klinkosz November - 2019
Dream of Mirrors TV Series Marcin Klinkosz October - 2019
The High life after dark Short Christine Locker October - 2019
Black Butterflies Feature Karen Hardinn October - 2019
Sex, Lies, Dinner & Dessert Short Timothy Boissey September - 2019
Westphall TV Series Keith St. Lawrence September - 2019
According to Legend Feature Keith St. Lawrence September - 2019
Unholy Union Short Christine Locker August - 2019
Operation: Anastasia Feature John Aldrich August - 2019
Singular - "Abs0lute Zer0" TV Series SL Eastwood August - 2019
Do It For Her Short Abraam Dawod July - 2019
You're Not All There Is Feature Connor Davey July - 2019
Stalemate TV Series Luke Carroll July - 2019
Gravekeeper TV Series Rindzler June - 2019
Ungifted Feature John Porter June - 2019
The Bench (working title suggestions welcome) Short Caleb Densman June - 2019
The Hobo (Draft 2) TV Series Michael White May - 2019
What We Did That Summer Feature Nick Romantini May - 2019
Man on the Phone Short Rakin Islam May - 2019
The Soft Green Claw Feature Esem Samuels April - 2019
HE IS HERE Short Tedd Luv April - 2019
Chicago Overcoat TV Series Abby LaMarre April - 2019
The Nökken Feature JoAnn Gartin March - 2019
Briarwood TV Series Abby LaMarre March - 2019
Bop Short Brent Woodroof March - 2019
What We Did That Summer Feature Nick Romantini February - 2019
Bop Short Brent Woodroof February - 2019
Lake Of Fire Draftf#4 Feature Anthony Silverwood January - 2019
Westphall TV Series Keith St. Lawrence January - 2019
SUNRISE Short Ronald Mathews January - 2019
Blind Ambition Short Renee Brown December - 2018
Jé Rouge Short Pablo Conseco Hernandez Diaz November - 2018
The Hobo TV Series Michael White November - 2018
Finding Milana Short Kyle Stout November - 2018
Bound by Blood Feature Esem Samuels October - 2018
Inner City Blues Feature Pablo Conseco Hernandez Diaz October - 2018
Internal Affairs TV Series Shawn Decker October - 2018

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Chain Link (First 15) Feature
Reviewed by: Abdirizak Hirsi

I think the idea you created is quite interesting, showing a great blend of characters and storyline, merging in one-piece. An antagonist in a horrors scene seems to be ruthless in his/her goal and that what makes it fascinating. The idea is really fabricating and yet, has its own twist and excitement occurs in one place to another. The creation of the scenes is character is somewhat relatable, cultured. The story is fascinating and it has a journey. It tells the plot about the killer, killing young adults but it doesn't give a motive do it. Maybe it's only a beginning, it'd be interesting where it goes. The structure of the first 15 pages are quite standard, which it can be improved. It is quite professional, the way it laid out, but in order to break it into the Hollywood, it should become more unique and amazing. It's quite fair and it can better. Character development is one of the weakest of the script. The main problem of the script is the description of the way the characters are dressed. This is unnecessary and the main rule of introduction characters is not telling what they dressed, unless it is specified. Otherwise, keep it in bare minimum. The dialogue is very good, it gives the power to the story and was crucial for the journey. The real feedback for this screenplay in the first 15 pages is the introduction of characters. Everything else is good but the dressing need to be cut out unless it is pertinent to the story. The another way in improving the script, although not necessarily, but if inspired to break into Hollywood is the structure. It brings one action to another. One way to improve is to have a good action and cool on another. Getting too many actions are not needed and it may not work.

Mad Talent Short
Reviewed by: Abdirizak Hirsi

-The concept of the story is different and good. I thoroughly enjoyed the idea that you brought into your story. -The story is quite intriguing and I kinda enjoyed reading the pages. It gone from one place to another. It also unleashed the power of your character. -Structure of the script is very good and it was nice and neat. It was well structured and done in a professional manner. Even though it can be improved but it's pretty been well organized and it is quite good enough to enter into the industry -Development of the character can be improved. -The dialogue. I cannot be able to fault any of them and the speech and words are fantastic. Conclusion: the concept is quite good because it has somewhat of the originality, the story is exciting and the structure is almost pinpoint. the dialogue is definitely pinpoint but the development can improve.

First of all, I'm a beginner at this and I think art is subjective. I will give my opinion but this can and will certainly vary from someone elses. My opinion doesn't mean this screenplay is bad or good in general, but reflects my view on it. 'Chain Letter' feels a bit like one of those classic horror movies with the usual clichés, but it has great potential, of that I'm sure. The concept fits in this age and makes you think twice before deleting those irritating chain mails. The story starts strong with an immediate gruesome murder. I immediately started to ask myself questions: 'Who is Chain Link? What drives him to do this? What happened in his past? What is Chain Link's story?', which means that you have caught my attention. There's an interesting mix of characters who are well developed. You immediately know what kind of person it is the moment they're introduced. The officers duo has great potential. 'Chain Link' Intrigues me. I want to know his backstory (just a tip for this: try to make people feel bad for him, give the audience mixed feelings). The dialogue is fluent and doesn't feel forced (except for the cheerleading moment in the videochat, but that's a personal opinion). My biggest note I have is that it's too fast paced. Rylie gets the mail shortly after she and Jennifer were texting (I assume this since she didn't mention anything about it while texting Jennifer earlier that day) and deletes it. She informs Jennifer and Jackson and a few minutes later, Chain Link is already in her house ready to kill her. This seems a bit fast. Does he hide in the neighbourhood? Does he pick his victims, makes sure he's in the neighbourhood and then sends them the chain mail? Maybe this will become clear when I can read the full script. Like I said, 'CHAIN LETTER' looks like a classic, but this isn't a bad thing. Be careful of the clichés and use them to bring a lot of twists to the story. This screenplay is written by someone who obviously has talent. I think it has great potential and would love to read the complete screenplay.