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Angels Can Die


A young priest journeys with the devil and finds God.

Draft #4
Draft #3
Peer Rating: 57%
Industry Rating: N/A
Sci-Fi/Fantasy,Horror | 2 Reviews | 60 pages | 4 months ago | Draft 4


Father Malcolm's curate is not comfortable with his line of work. It brings back terrifying feelings from a past the curate can hardly remember. But there is a separate world out there that promises to come crashing down on the curate, and force him to confront the things that scare him to death

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Peer Reviews

This has some promise to it. I would suggest you provide more for an audience to know who Silas is as a man/priest. I didn't feel empathy for him until halfway through and then I felt lost at the revelation at the end of the pilot. I recommend reading http://www.usccb.org/prayer-and-worship/sacraments-and-sacramentals/sacramentals-blessings/exorcism.cfm to provide more context to the Rite of Roman Catholic Exorcism. There could have been more int...

2 weeks ago |
I'm just gonna say this first. PLEASE KEEP AN OPEN MIND.
First of all, I think any story that pocesses anything out of the ordinary should contain a sort of heads up in the beginning. Your story has angels, demons, magic, signs and wonders, etc. I think you should have told us the world you created. Maybe God is resting and handed authority to archangel Michael or something. Maybe he doesn't answer prayers anymore and a group of angels sees it n...

2 weeks ago |
Chukwuma Amobi Top Reviewer
Overall, the story kept me entertained throughout. At times I was slightly confused the the two different storylines intertwining; they felt so vastly different I almost thought they were time jumps. In the end, they became clearer and made sense.

The story itself definitely has a strong base. I liked essentially every aspect you put into the people. Silas obviously has a checkered past that he is piecing together. But his abilities are very i...

2 weeks ago |
Eddie Listisen Top Reviewer
The visuals and concept are there. It's a solid start to a somewhat cliche story line. As I read, I thought of "Supernatural", "Lucifer", and "Good Omens". I believe if you push your story line in a more unexpected direction, you will have more to work with in terms of originality. This will probably be your hardest obstacle as the writers of "Supernatural" have covered all the major Angel vs. Demons narratives. I think if you side more on the si...

2 weeks ago |
Claire Benedix Top Reviewer

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