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Blaise is a script analyst and reader for, as well as consulting privately with clients including writers, directors, producers, and actors. He also read scripts for a production company in London, He’s also an optioned and commissioned writer currently working on two shorts with two different directors.

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4 weeks ago
Hammer Hero (Second Draft) television
Genre: Animation,Action/Adventure,Comedy
Logline: When the chosen champion of humanity mouths off to the Goddess, he's replaced by his unqualified and underprepared step-brother.
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4 weeks ago
Lavender feature
Genre: Action/Adventure,Sci-Fi/Fantasy,Drama
Logline: A young woman, living in a totalitarian, all-female empire, decides to reject continuing her mother's ruling legacy and joins an underground rebellion aimed at taking down the regime once and for all.
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4 weeks ago
SVF: Reborn (First 15) short
Genre: Action/Adventure,Horror,Thriller
Logline: Slaying demons and kicking ass are his specialty.
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1 month ago
Malled to Death television
Genre: Comedy
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MALLED TO DEATH was a fun read with great humor and dialogue, and interesting and unique characters though some had elements that were a little derivative. What needs thinking about is the setup and precinct. Is this primarily about The Frozen Pebble and Amanda trying to keep her shop alive or about the mall and Myrtle trying to control all the workers there? For me, using both does mean the concept feels a little confused and busy. Further to that, what are the power dynamics of the Amanda / Myrtle relationship? Why can Myrtle order Amanda around if they have different employers? And why does Amanda listen to her? While the pilot story idea works well, I would consider whether Amanda should fight back against Myrtle and save Lydia’s job rather than just doing as she is told. This sets the tone for the series and to have the hero essentially not fighting in the pilot episode does not set a good precedent. It might even be worth saving this storyline – the sacking - for another episode. The ending of the pilot implies that the main conflict might be between Stacy and Amanda. If that’s the case, Stacy should be present in the pilot episode. If you lost the sacking streamline and instead focused o the Stacy moving in next door storyline, that would allow you to introduce the main conflict in the opening episode. You could keep the camera B storyline and use it - maybe Amanda uses it to spy on Stacy’s activities and finds out about her moving in next door this way?

Blaise Hesselgren just claimed a review for a script.
1 month ago
Vector short
Genre: Horror,Action/Adventure,Thriller
Logline: Two women do what is necessary to survive a pandemic.