Crafting Characterization in Film

Characterization in film can ultimately make or break a movie. Unless you read screenplays, you probably don’t realize how much work screenwriters go through to craft that characterization in their script. Solid characterization is one of the major components that script readers look for in new scripts. How can you practice better characterization if it… Continue reading Crafting Characterization in Film

Where Can I Sell My Screenplay?

You might be wondering, “Where can I sell my screenplay” after you’ve spent time writing and editing your masterpiece. Selling your screenplay is not easy, but seeing those stars align is the goal of many writers. For those who are dedicated, committed, and willing to put the time into creating a great screenplay and marketing… Continue reading Where Can I Sell My Screenplay?

Finding Good Scripts to Read

Finding good scripts to read can be much more difficult than you might expect. However, reading good scripts is one of the best ways to become a better screenwriter yourself for new screenwriters. Reading with an attentive eye allows you to pick up so many tricks and style choices from some of the best minds… Continue reading Finding Good Scripts to Read

How to Win a Writing Competition

You’ve likely seen them if you have spent time around online writing communities, but you may be curious about how to win a writing competition. There are countless contests online, and you can find contests for whichever genre or style you write in. Though competitions aren’t only about winning, some certain techniques and practices will… Continue reading How to Win a Writing Competition

Should I Use Free Editing Services?

It’s no industry secret that having editors review your manuscript will make for a better-finished product, but can you get by using free editing services? You might assume that paying for an editor will always be best if you can afford it, but most writers would benefit significantly from utilizing some of the free editing… Continue reading Should I Use Free Editing Services?

Tricks of the Trade: Reading to Become a Better Writer

Reading to become a better writer is essential when working in this field. Writing is a skill that has to be worked on constantly and consistently, and reading is one of the easiest ways to do that. Sometimes, writers get quite nearsighted, and they lose sight of what works in their writing and what doesn’t.… Continue reading Tricks of the Trade: Reading to Become a Better Writer

Benefits of Joining an Online Editing Community

Serious writers know that joining an online editing community is a great way to improve their writing ability. Of course, there are many ways to work on your craft, but consistently writing and receiving feedback from other writers is a time-tested method of success.  Sharing your work with others can be intimidating, though. You may… Continue reading Benefits of Joining an Online Editing Community

June, 2020 Scripts of the Month

Every month, we celebrate the hard work of three talented Script Mother screenwriters with our (FREE!) Scripts of the Month competition. This month, our winners feature everything from bloodthirsty waitresses to Homecoming jitters! So, without further ado, give a round of applause to Michael Kospiah, Vineeth Premanand, and Dan Harris! Feature “Honey Mustard” by Michael… Continue reading June, 2020 Scripts of the Month

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