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ScriptMother is an online screenwriting network for members to engage with a community of fellow writers and receive valuable reviews for their work. Individuals writing screenplays, novels, TV series, short films, and more can share their work with other writers to receive feedback on how to better the writing and enhance the idea. Connect with individuals in the industry and have your work presented to valuable connections. ScriptMother is constantly engaging with community members to ensure that the site is easy to use and provides a valuable resource for screenwriters and authors. It's free to set up a screenwriter account and begin reviewing other scripts while posting your own. Get started today!

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Smart Peer Review

The ScriptMother community operates using an innovative structure. Writers earn "script points" for reviewing work by fellow scriptwriters that can be used to submit their own scripts for reviews. Using this structure, a smart peer-to-peer setup is developed to ensure that each scriptwriter receives valuable feedback. This setup has helped to develop a lively online community of scriptwriters and authors who encourage one another to enhance their craft.

All Genres/Categories

ScriptMother is not only for screenwriters. Scripts of all kinds are encouraged to be posted on the platform including feature- length scripts, TV series scripts, short films, poetry, short stories, novels, and much more. Writers of all varieties can find a valuable community on this online scriptwriting platform.

ScriptMother Rating System

Our unique system of rating reviews also helps scriptwriters on the platform gain more exposure for their work! Reviews are compiled into a rating system, similar to the website Rotten Tomatoes, to allow top-rated screenplays to be featured and nominated for monthly competitions.