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About Screenwriting Forums

Online screenwriting forums, such as ScriptMother, offer screenwriters and authors the opportunity to share their work with individuals in the industry and receive valuable screenplay reviews to enhance their writing skills and ideas. Screenplays, movie scripts, and novels are all enhanced by online writing groups thanks to the honest and intelligent reviews that other members offer. Authors and screenwriters can enhance their ideas and their writing skills by collaborating with a community of fellow writers online.

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Script Coverage

Script coverage refers to an analysis and general grading of a screenplay that is generally written to be given to a producer, executive, or manager. Online screenwriting forums provide script coverage in the form of script reviews, where fellow screenwriters offer intelligent feedback for submitted screenplays. Because online screenwriting communities also engage industry professionals, they allow screenwriters and authors the opportunity to connect with these professionals and share their work as well as the script coverage that has been provided by individuals in the community.

Benefits of online screenwriting forums

  • Collaborate with fellow screenwriters and authors.
  • Receive valuable reviews for your screenplays and writing.
  • Offer reviews for other individual's scripts.
  • Online platforms make it easy to connect with a variety of people all over the world!
  • See how your script ranks compared to other scripts of the same genre

Who are online screenwriting forums valuable for?

Screenwriting forums are beneficial for screenwriters of any experience level. Writers who are just beginning in the industry can benefit from online writing groups by connecting with fellow writers. Not only do these groups provide new screenwriters with an opportunity to connect with more experienced screenwriters, but it also allows them to receive valuable reviews on their work to enhance their skills. Receiving reviews from people who are more experienced in the industry is an incredible opportunity for those just getting started.

More experienced screenplay writers can also benefit from online screenwriting forums by utilizing them as an opportunity for fresh ideas. Screenplay reviews are valuable for writers of any experience level as they provide new perspectives on scripts and writing ideas.

Screenplay writers are not the only ones who can benefit from an online screenwriting forum. Many of these online writing groups, including ScriptMother, provide a platform for authors to also connect and review ideas.

What are you writing?

  • Feature-length Screenplay
  • TV Series
  • Short Film
  • Novel
  • Short Story
  • Poetry

ScriptMother can provide you with a location to share ideas and receive valuable feedback on your work! No matter your experience level, you can receive reviews for your writing to help you perfect our ideas.

How to find the best online screenwriting forum

The internet is full of great online platforms for screenwriters to share their work and enhance their ideas, so how do you find the best one for you?
Find an online platform that specializes in the genre you are writing for. Great screenplay reviews will come from people with experience in the same genre as you, so make sure that the screenwriting forum you engage with has scripts from a variety of different genres.
Make sure that the forum is constantly developing and engaging with members. Forums, such as ScriptMother, that host monthly competitions and value feedback from members to make the forum better are far more valuable in the long run than forums that rarely make updates and changes.
Look for a forum that allows members to interact with each other. Some forums allow you to receive reviews for your work and give reviews to other individuals, but don't provide an opportunity for further discussion after the initial review. Further discussion is often just as valuable as the initial review and can help you better understand other individuals' ideas and responses.