Wanna See


By Tokelo Monesa

A former MMA fighter looking to bounce back from an unfortunate event that costs him his career. With a help of some unidentified people, things look a little bit dangerous.

Peer Rating: 7%
Industry Rating: N/A
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After Nemitallion lost his fight with Dave due to illegal drugs in
“his body”, he disappears and reappears in three years. With
his reappearance he seems like a changed man. With this
change it doesn’t seem like a good change but change for the
With his meeting with Two he has decided to work with him and
go up against Mr Elbanco, the biggest cartel owner in Mexico.

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Peer Reviews

In conclusions:
A) follow the rule of screenplay. Dont tell - SHOW.
Eg: pg1- The last description read:- As the fight was at its last round, their both managers shouting loudly to advice and encourage their fighter.
☆ You clearly told us but didn't show.
Remember. In screenplay you only write what you see and hear. Not what a character thinks.
How you could have shown:
EG:- A pretty brown woman goes round with a card. The card reads: Roun...

3 months ago |

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