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Four college students awake in the movie auditorium with all exits barred, haunted by their past mistakes and a demonic creature.


Winner Draft #1


2 Reviews | 105 pages | 1 year ago | Draft 1
Søren, Olive, Uma, and Louis attend the local movie theater, Cinema 7, on Halloween night. Sometime after the movie has ended, the four wake up in the dark auditorium. The exits are barred. The reason for their circumstance is soon revealed through sinister projections and a demonic figure with a taste for death.

Industry Reviews

Overall, a very solid script with unrelenting suspense. At times it can be a little heavy on information, but that's the challenge of dealing with a story that takes place in one location, but deals with so many variables outside that location. However, you do a surprisingly good job of tying it all together.

Peer Reviews

Your base idea is very solid and quite entertaining so there isn’t anything wrong there but your overall action lines and your rushing of the beginning hinders your screenplay.

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