Wanna See


By Glen Smith

Ever wondered what the life of a Henchmen is like, when your boss is trying to take over the world and all you want to do is drink coffee and not killed by the the an inept secret agent.

Draft #1
Peer Rating: 93%
Industry Rating: 40%
2 Reviews | 28 pages | 3 months ago | Draft 1


Follow the life of Danny, a not so hard-working Henchmen who is trying all he can to avoid work and not get eaten by the weaponised shark. His friend Alan, the Work Experience lad and his supervisor Zak all getting in the way of Danny drinking coffee.

Industry Reviews

A very humorous and marketable idea, yet still in need of a cohesive story that the audience can draw from. The situations you put your characters in are funny and well-written, but they will eventually fizzle out if something isn't at stake in the lives of your characters.

1 month ago |
Script Mother Top Reviewer

Peer Reviews

The concept of this tv show is funny and brilliant. In a way, it reminds me of the tv show "The Office". Not bad for a comedy tv pilot script. It's concise and straight to the point. Nowadays comedies on television usually don't even last more than one season depending on popularity. The characters of this television pilot are remarkable and can become instant fan-favorite characters. The structure of this script is very well done. The dialogue...

3 months ago |
Hunter Huiet Top Reviewer

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