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#Action/Adventure #Sci-Fi/Fantasy #Thriller

LOGLINE: The early life and career of the 5 Elements' founder Rosh Goldman is presented alongside the rise of extremism in the Middle East, while the Rhodium Golems reunite one year after their victory to prevent the resurrection of Project Athena.




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The mercenaries with morals known as the Rhodium Golems have gone their separate ways since defeating evil scientist Doctor Kana Takahashi a year prior. Pilot Vincenzo Corbucci is now an aerial chauffeur for VIPs and is in a relationship with ex-hitwoman Sakura Noguchi, ex-Spetsnaz officer Nikolai Rostavili is a drill instructor for the FSB and former SAT operative Daisuke Kasai is an author specialising in pulp fiction novels.

Following a failed assassination attempt on former femme fatale Lovisa Drakenberg, Vincenzo suspects that Project Athena may not have been fully put to rest and gathers his old friends for one last, final mission. In a parallel storyline, Rosh Goldman’s rise to power and fall from grace is chronicled in flashback sequences as his life experiences lead him to form the 5 Elements, a cabal with a titanium grip on nearly every corner of the globe.

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