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#Sci-Fi/Fantasy #Action/Adventure #Drama

LOGLINE: In the final chapter of the trilogy, the Rhodium Golems and the 5 Elements must stand together in order to thwart Kana Takahashi's plans to enslave mankind with a new breed of "Perfect Soldiers".




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6 months after failing to assassinate sociopathic roboticist Doctor Kana Takahashi, the Rhodium Golems and the 5 Elements form a fragile alliance led by Helia Salibi-Drakenberg, daughter of retired enigmatic polymath Rosh Goldman. While the mercenaries with morals track down and interrogate Kana's remaining lieutenants, Helia learns that her parents have been interfering with her leadership from behind the scenes, inadvertently setting in motion the events that caused them to reunite in the first place.

In a parallel storyline, ex-femme fatale Lovisa Drakenberg finally confronts her past in order to face a future with a clear conscience. It will take all of the mercenaries' courage, Lovisa’s determination and Helia’s integrity to defeat the evil scientist for good if they are to save the world from the most dangerous enemy mankind has ever encountered...

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