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You Bring Out The Demon In Me

By Steven Lee

The fate of mankind rests on a germaphobe in his 70s when all the other residents in a remote carehome become possessed by a murderous parasitical demon.

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I wanted to write a one-location contained horror and was trying to think of something new that I hadn’t seen before in other horror movies, and what came to mind was all those possession flicks, like: The Exorcist, Emily Rose, The Ring, The Grudge, Insidious, Annabelle, Chucky, and this really great script I read about a guy who refuses to leave his house even though his wife is possessed and keeps violently abusing him, called “Vivian Hasn’t Been Herself Recently” by Brian Duffield… and what I realised is that it’s nearly always just one demon that possesses someone, usually a woman, or a child, or a doll. And so I thought it would be interesting to see multiple people possessed. And to mix it up I thought instead of a woman or kids, it would fun to see what it looked like with old people…

That’s the premise of my movie, “You Bring Out The Demon In Me”, which is about this guy in his 70’s named Leo, who lives in a remote carehome on a Scottish island. And Leo’s an extreme germaphobe. And I mean EXTREME. Everything in his room is wrapped in plastic. He showers seven times a day. He basically never leaves his room and when he does, he dons a spaceman suit-level of protection. And he’s obsessed with living as long as possible, even if that means he lives a life is isolation.

And so one day Leo reluctantly leaves his room to buy some medication he believes can reverse the aging process, but when he comes back, he’s shocked to find one of the residents, nicknamed Biscuit Bertha, crawling up his bedroom wall and speaking in tongues - possessed by a demon from hell. She tries to kill him and he narrowly escapes and looks for help only to learn the whole carehome is infested with possessed OAP’s hellbent on ripping him apart.

So naturally he wants to get the hell out of there, but pretty soon he realises that he might very well be mankind’s only hope of survival because if any of these demons make it off the island, this demonic possession could spread to every last person on earth.

So the question big is…

Can Leo overcome his anxieties and save then fucking world!

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