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#Sci-Fi/Fantasy #Mystery/Suspense #Horror

LOGLINE: A traumatised ex-soldier, awakes stranded on a space station with six strangers, their memories wiped, orbiting a star about to explode in a deadly supernova. To escape, he must unravel a dark mystery in a frantic race against time.




0 Reviews | 105 pages | 3 years ago | Draft 3
Seven apparent strangers find themselves in a space station, orbiting a star about to explode into a deadly supernova.

Their memories are missing and as they return one by one, a dark mystery unravels. As events unfold, each person most come to terms with the person they are and how they came to be there.

A frantic race against time ensues to uncover the truth, and escape, before the giant star explodes.

Glorious is a futuristic science fiction, psychological thriller.

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