Wanna See

Ham Over Heels

By Lynn Li Tung

Carrots over Carats any day.

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Draft 2: 20%
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A sequel to "Dog Food", Jeff and Lynn travel through time in the "Bugs Bunny: Lost In Time" universe to get the number of clocks and golden carrots they need to return to the Present; cultivating their magical skills and getting to know each other in the process.

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I was very confused by page 3. See Notes. By page 10 I was forcing myself to read the script. Is it that bad, Not really. I have read worst here on Script Mother. I was board by page 15. You have an animation with live characters. But it like skits that are just one after another. You could add more information on the action lines. You start with someone in a incubator that I think goes into a dream state. But how did Jeff get there?

My overa...

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